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2.4.0 (2022-09-09)


  • Ability to change download location added (816707c)
  • add download multi tracks support for mobile platform (0476bf7)
  • add download queue for desktop & initial playlist download support (08f913e)
  • add download tab on library (8d77b69)
  • broken: Broken Warning! Initial Local Audio Player (c3bf511)
  • download: track table view multi select improvement, tap to play track support, existing track replace confirmation dialog and bulk download confirmation dialog (e217553)
  • local-tracks: complete support for local tracks (e206f16)
  • mpris: MPRIS metadata are now updated in realtime (d9addcd)
  • playback: add repeat track support #166 (cae9993)
  • synced-lyrics: animated active text size (531fae6)
  • ui: adaptive TrackTile actions & Setting ListTile (615d5ce)

Bug Fixes

  • adaptive-list-tile: dialog content not updating when content has changed (a1d4230)
  • album & playlist card, player view and album view play button logic (55852bd)
  • docs: indentions (4a291d5)
  • downloader: downloaded track is corrupted for tagging (2ab1fba)
  • downloader: flutter downloader exception on desktop platform and too much width of TrackTile index no. (d668760)
  • dropped flutter_downloader deps due to slow download speed and UserDownloads not showing for anonymous (307a8e2)
  • flutter_downloader manifest configuration breaking android support (f3a0f78)
  • login screen not using safearea and no dialog bg-color found on light mode in AdaptivePopupMenuButton (92bc611)
  • performance: always running marquee text causes high GPU usage #175 and UserArtist overflow on smaller displays (a23ce61)
  • playback: shuffle button sometimes gets stuck and stops working #183 (4240433)
  • player-overlay: flickering when a track is changed or navigated to another page (e48b67c)
  • sidebar: user image url (747efc6)
  • synced-lyrics: active lyrics contrast ratio (aba1ba9)
  • tabbar overflow in small screen, artist card too small title and synced lyrics contrast increased (585de8c)


New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.3.0...v2.4.0

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