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  • šŸ”„ New Authentication flow that uses WebView and only requires Email and Password to Login in Android šŸ”„
  • Support for Nested Routes. Now, Sidebar/BottomBar never disappears
  • Play/Pause track on keyboard Spacebar, Seek position on keyboard left/right
  • Scrolling is smoother than ever [thanks to fl_query and Waypoint]
  • Replace or Skip downloading all already downloaded tracks
  • Sort tracks in Playlist, Album and Local Tracks
  • macOS correction of download path

Features šŸŽ‰

  • animated transition of root PageWindowTitleBar (ff35e06)
  • auth: new authentication flow using cookies and webview in android (756b910)
  • downloader: replace /skip all choice for downloaded tracks (88d7ce5)
  • implemented go_route shell/nested route (3e498a4)
  • keyboard shortcuts: play/pause on space, seek position on left/right (2734454)
  • keyboard-shortcuts: home sidebar tab navigation and close app (8f258e7)
  • smoother list using fl_query and waypoint (c77b0e1)
  • sort tracks in playlist, album and local tracks (cb4bd25)
  • use of smaller sized images in TrackTile (0ca97b4)
  • volume slider mouse scroll and preference for Rotating Album Art #255 (edb6f3c)

Bug Fixes šŸ›

  • android: file_picker and permission_handler failure for sdk < 33 (139d4dc)
  • cached local track is fetched from network (abf4a57)
  • categories not showing for oauth exception (4df917e)
  • desktop: maximized window size is stored and window maximized state doesn’t persist (91d5d10)
  • local audio doesn’t get refreshed after getting permission (618c6da)
  • no appropriate output when playlist is empty #201 (dbb81de)
  • PlayerOverlay not hiding when not playing and unneeded bottom space in TrackTableView (0ebac05)
  • web: not building due to metadata_god ffi (1191bf2)


New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.4.1...v2.5.0

from Release notes from spotube https://ift.tt/0zgZFmX

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