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Spotube has become the first Flutter app, that has a platform specific UI or mimics Platform specific design
It was achieved using the platform_ui plugin

  • 🎁 Platform Specific UI design, animations, typography and experience 🎁
  • Override current platform’s UI with another one’s (it’s crazy but fun)
  • Track source change support. Change the currently playing track’s source from multiple YouTube results
  • Shuffle and play any playlists and albums
  • Add Selected tracks to multiple playlists
  • Fixed Authentication Token not updating when expired
  • More optimistic UI

Features 🎉

  • add selected tracks to playlists, optimistic playlist remove track (3386dac)
  • added shuffle button in playlist and album section (1fad95f)
  • android-playback: option to download track bytes and play instead of Streaming (dcc8ba5)
  • change default platform option and platform specific back button (36c5e02)
  • dialog logo for macos, settings more width for country picker (5e96913)
  • initial platform_ui integration (9eee573)
  • libadwaita theming, track tile and PlayButtonCard play button icon fix (e795e23)
  • lyrics: tabs for both synced and static lyrics #182 (6b6907a)
  • new refined about page, update checker only check for same update channel (4cadfa9)
  • pause track when seeking forward/back and keep audio session alive when paused/interrupted (bc8a04e)
  • platform bottom navigation bar add (ff14469)
  • platform slider and progress indicator integration (46b00ba)
  • platform title bar buttons add (54048cb)
  • playback: change current track youtube source panel and tooltips for player icon buttons (4b21cc8)
  • Player and Playbutton theme respect to platform (512446d)
  • player queue and sibling tracks platform decoration (39a7794)
  • PlayerView: shortcut button for opening lyrics #273 (1d4847a)
  • rename files to snake_case and reorganize folder structure (7c25e1c)
  • replace all types of buttons with platform buttons (69739b4)
  • rpm packaging support (067e9ac)
  • search: infinite scroll for tracks, artists, playlists and albums (e6761a6)
  • set platform to default platform on start up (472da6b)
  • shuffle keep playing track at top, linux title bar drag no working (1223cf2)
  • sidebar download count and proper progress color in playbutton (a10bc5b)
  • static shimmer for track tile, playbutton card and track tile (3ed8b0f)
  • tablet mode navigation bar & windows semi transparent bg, (3282370)
  • title_bar: platform specific title bar (e659e3c)
  • titlebar complete compatibility, platform specific login, library tabbar in titlebar (b3c27d1)
  • use platform checkbox (2211505)
  • window blur effect add (b0db5e7)

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • ArtistCard: linux shadow (c186881)
  • auth: refresh access token timer not working (b3ac5ca)
  • bottom navigation bar settings tile not active when selected (43557e4)
  • dialog logo in android, lyrics visible timer adjust button (3c6803b)
  • heart button showing when not logged in, wrong login redirect (4dc26af)
  • horizontal infinite lists doesn’t fill the screen (69995be)
  • ios dialog action buttons, local tracks crashing app, shimmer color and android wrong status bar color (90c1200)
  • login: not working in android in Brazil or Ukraine regions (0b79a11)
  • macos: black text in dark mode (fb9c0e4)
  • macos: white text color in dark mode, text field white background (e086b52)
  • mobile: SafeArea bugs and back button color (a8330ef)
  • null exception in themes (9465d92)
  • platform_ui local path (00d0d38)
  • player view artist link when local playlist is playing, lyric delay adjust button alignment (ee5c417)
  • remove windows background (6942964)
  • search field ios dark icon , lyrics tabbar ios background color (be56ad4)
  • settings Title alignment and play button card ripple effect in other platforms (3b6bf27)
  • shuffle play logic (65cad07)
  • small minwidth of window in desktop, linux wrong light theme accent color, search field transparent background (5b0e22c)
  • tooltips of menu and adaptive pop up menu (261aaf1)
  • update download dialog blocking the UI (3925f74)
  • user playlists not updating after creating/deleting, artist follow not updating after follow/unfollow (6cc2a18)
  • windows: windows global title bar (bd18f19)

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.5.0...v2.6.0

from Release notes from spotube https://ift.tt/zSlAk2C

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